Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Jalandhar


  • Establishment of seed shop-cum-information center: KVK has established a well equipped seed shop-cum-information center on the main district road with the assistance of UCO Bank. The shop has been furnished with various charts, posters, banners and display board for the guidance and advisement of famers. In this shop seed of different major crops of the season, literature of the PAU, Ludhiana and various others products of KVK are being sold.
  • Installation of fixed display boards:There is around 70 fixed display boards installed all over the KVK premises on which various slogans related with environmental, social, agricultural and allied issues has been written for creating awareness and motivation among farming community.
  • Formation of WhatsApp group: To take advantage of new innovations in the ICT, its applications were introduced for the benefit of farmers. Among which one initiative was formation of WhatsApp groups naming PAU KVK Jal at your door and Potato Growers for providing useful and timely information to the 91 progressive farmers and extension workers.
  • Creation of facebook page: Again for the introduction of ICT applications among farmers, a facebook page naming KVK Jalandhar has been created in which relevant and timely information related with agriculture and allied fields is posted regularly.
  • Market Prices on Website:This website is also giving daily prices of produce in mandis through RSS feeder from the website of Agmark.
  • Ticker Board: The ticker board installed by Future Market Commission, Mumbai flashes sale as well as futuristic trading prices of various agricultural commodities for the knowledge and benefit of farming community of the region.
  • Introduction of Integrated Farming System Demonstration Unit:This KVK is first to introduce Integrated Farming System Demonstration Unit in the state. The state has 34% farming families in small and marginal category, hence this system is vital for the state. Through this demonstration unit farmers are getting practical training on Integrated Farming System and benefitted greatly.

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